"A professional buying service that saves people lots of time, money and stress."

Our vision

Abode Real Estate Services specialises projecting marketing and channel sales management for Australian Property Developers promoting projects Internationally.

We aim to assist Australian Property Developers with our unique approach in supporting their sales process and through creating alternate equity and debt solutions for their projects to maximise profits and mitigate risk.

We were born after recognising the need for change!

The current restraints on developers, agents and international buyers is putting/hindering/… flow of capital/in efficient use of capital.

We provide sales support through international development project marketing, and alternative finance solutions for Australian developers.

We are here to help you move to international market, and help expedite international sale process.

We specialise in marketing (and selling) off-plan projects internationally.

Our uniqueness is our ability to understand you and international buyers.

Our people

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Our Capabilities

Strength and size of our sales channel​

Our international sales network consists of over 25,000 agents and sales partners which enables your projects to reach a greater audience.​

We Understand Property Development​

Our experienced team includes property development professionals that understand the development stress points and can provide strategic advice to expedite the sales process, incentivise channel sales partners and create alternate funding solutions to increase the IRR for your investors. ​

Our knowledge of our buyers​

Through our offices in Vietnam and our strategic alliances we have developed a deep understanding of the buyer profile and their buying motivation. This understanding allows us to focus our marketing initiatives enabling higher lead conversion rates.​

We mitigate International buyer risk and constraints​

Together with our strategic partners we are able to mitigate the risk associated with foreign purchasers including settlement risk, finance risk and International money transfers.​

Our Partners